Glossary of Transportation Terms

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 Eastern Central Motor Carriers Association.

 Edge Protector

 An angle piece fitted over the edge of boxes, crates, bundles and other packages to prevent the pressure from metal bands or other types from cutting into the package.

 EDI / Electronic Data Interchange

 Abbreviation for "Electronic Data Interface." Generic term for transmission of transactional data between computer systems. EDI is typically via a batched transmission, usually conforming to consistent standards.


 International data interchange standards sponsored by the United Nations. See UN/EDIFACT.


 - A charge for services performed in connection with floating elevators.
- Charges assessed for the handling of grain through grain elevators.

 Elkins Act

 An act of Congress (1903) prohibiting rebates, concession, misbilling, etc. and providing specific penalties for such violations.


 Order to restrict the hauling of freight.

 Eminent Domain

 The sovereign power to take property for a necessary public use, with reasonable compensation.

 Empty Repo

 Contraction for Empty Repositioning. The movement of empty containers.


 A legal signature usually placed on the reverse of a draft; signifies transfer of rights from the holder to another party.


 Customs documents required to clear an import shipment for entry into the general commerce of a country.


 A monetary allowance to the customer for picking up or delivering at a point other than the destination shown on the bill of lading. This provision is covered by tariff publication.

 Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR)

 A document transferring a container from one  carrier to another, or to/from a terminal.


 - Estimated Time of Availability. That time when a tractor/partner carrier is available for dispatch.
- Estimated time of arrival.


 A gas produced by many fruits and vegetables that accelerates the ripening and aging processes.

 Even Keel

 When the draft of a ship fore and aft are the same.


 Eastern Weighing and Inspection Bureau.

 "Ex Dec"

 Contraction for "Shipper's Export Declaration."

 Ex - "From"

 When used in pricing terms such as "Ex Factory" or "Ex Dock," it signifies that the price quoted applies only at the point of origin indicated.


 Notations made when the cargo is received at the carrier's terminal or loaded aboard a vessel. They show any irregularities in packaging or actual or suspected damage to the cargo. Exceptions are then noted on the bill of lading.

 EXIM Bank

 Abbreviation for Export-Import Bank of the United States. An independent U.S. Government Agency which facilitates exports of U.S. goods by providing loan guarantees and insurance for repayment of bank-provided export credit.

 Expiry Date

 Issued in connection with documents such as letters of credit, tariffs etc. to advise that stated provisions will expire at a certain time.


 Shipment of goods outbound to a foreign country.  Georgia’s ports maintain a balanced “export / import” ratio.  Examples of Georgia exports include forest products, kaolin clay, automobiles, and granite. For export assistance, please contact the Savannah Export Assistance Center (912.652.4204).

 Export Broker

 The individual who brings together buyer and seller for a fee, eventually withdrawing from any transaction.

 Export Declaration

 A form completed by the exporter or its authorized agent and filed in triplicate by a carrier with the U.S. Collector of Customs at the point of exit. It serves a twofold purpose: (1) Primarily, it is used by the U.S. Bureau of Census for the compilation of export statistics on U.S. foreign trade. (For this reason, an export declaration is required for practically all shipments from the U.S.A. to foreign countries and the U.S. possessions, except for mail shipments of small value or for those of a non-commercial character.) (2) The declaration also serves as an export control document because it must be presented, together with the export license, to the U.S. Customs at the port of export. If the goods may be exported under general export license, this fact must be stated on the export declaration.

 Export License

 A government document which permits the "Licensee" to engage in the export of designated goods to certain destinations.

 Export Rate

 A rate published on traffic moving from an interior point to a port for transshipment to a foreign country.

 Export Trading Company

 A corporation or other business unit organized and operated primarily for the purpose of exporting goods and services, or of providing export-related services to other companies.


 Premium-rated service for urgent deliveries.  The Port of Savannah offers express services between Asia and the U.S. South Atlantic, as well as Europe.

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